How To Make Money Online - Part 2

Welcome back guys!

Thank god it’s Friday. Even though I work from home I throughly enjoy and use every weekend I receive. I’ve noticed that many internet marketers disappear for the weekend and I know exactly why now.

I’m making this post and video at 7:50PM on Friday evening. Many of you might say, so what.. who cares?

Well, if you haven’t noticed I’m a young guy. While many of my friends are getting ready to head out to parties or to dinner I’m in my home office sticking to my PLAN.

I can’t let myself slack and not make this post tonight because I will of feel like I let myself down. My lesson to you today is:

If you make a PLAN, STICK TO IT! There is nothing worse then making a plan to do something and then not following through with it. Trust me, you will lose confidence in yourself.

Okay, with that said, let’s move on to Part 2.

If you have decided you want to be in the service industry of the internet I am going to teach you how today.

When I first got started in internet marketing I HAD be in the service industry because I had bills to pay and I wanted the immediate cash payoff for my work. The most frustrating part of doing service for people was physically watching them take my work and literally make themselves rich. I’ll never forget one guy I did work for about 2-3 weeks. He really liked my writing and graphics and just had my constantly working for him. When he launched his project he sold 212 products (I created the product) for $32.00 each. I was paid around $1500 for my work and just in his first week he made close to $7,000

Anyways, that’s not to discourage you from starting off in the service industry, but I urge you to gently move to the marketing industry and get into the business of creating your own wealth.

Okay, first off let’s go over a couple of points.

-By doing jobs for people in Internet Marketing you can expect to make anywhere from $10-$40 per hour (depending on how good and efficient you are)

-You will WANT to create your own business website describing your services. A good example is a friend of mine, Jason. He is an article writer and setup the website - He makes great money writing articles and has a true passion for it. His website gives him credibility and a lot of new customers. Either setup your own website or have someone make a basic one for you.

-You will WANT to setup an LLC to run your business in. In Georgia, where I live it cost $120 to register an LLC with the Secretary of State office. When tax season comes around it definitely pays to have an LLC to be able to write-off business expenses. There are so many benefits to having an LLC and anyone serious in internet marketing knows its the only way to go. No personal liability, tax write offs, your own business identity, business credit offers, and much much more!

-You will NEED a business PayPal account. EVERYONE in internet marketing uses PayPal because it’s easy, popular, and PROTECTS the buyer. PayPal can be an honest hassle for the seller sometimes but that’s just how it is. The rates are low and its what is the standard for making payments online.

Finally, you need to pick a trade.

A few that I would definently recommend and ones that are in demand are the following:

-Article Writing, EBook Writing, Newsletter Writing - ANY CONTENT service

-Website Design, Minisite Design, ECover Design - Basically ANY designing

-Link Submissions - You submit someones website to link directories to help them gain backlinks and promotion.

-SEO - You help a webmaster that needs help in gaining better rankings within Google. You will be responsible for building links and making sure the website is SEO friendly. * This job can be very lucrative if you master this.

– There are many other services. My favorite website and where I got my start in offering my services is DigitalPoint has marketers from the service and advertising industry exchanging services. Register and start off researching and making posts. Digitalpoint is probably the best website on the internet for internet marketers, treat it like gold!

Use creativity and provide a unique selling point that your competitors do not! You CAN make a lot of money by providing other internet marketers your expert services.

I’ll be back tomorrow with part 3 of this series, I hope you guys learned something new today!

Have a great weekend.

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