How To Make Money Online - Part 3

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late post today, but at least I am posting and not leaving everyone in the dark! I had a very busy day today and after this post I’m headed to sleep.

I’m back today to wrap up my series on “How To Make Money Online.”

I hope you’ve gained a lot of insight and ideas from my last two posts. My honest aim from this blog is to give you valuable information on how to get started to make money online right away.

Okay, now.. part 3 is going to focus on creating your own wealth. What do I mean by this?

This means you are going to basically INVENT your own business on the internet. You are going to make the business plan, design the website (or pay to have it designed) , figure out the marketing techniques, figure out your SEO strategy, figure out your monetization plan… you are going to do EVERYTHING!

Now, I’m going to tell you straight up in the beginning.. this is not EASY! Your plan may sound like a multi-million dollar idea for a website and while it may have a great deal of potential, it’s going to be completely up to you to follow through with your plan. When I first started making money online I had so many ideas for new creations on the internet that I honestly could not stop registering domains. I finally started to realize a couple of months ago that it is HARD to create a new business and turn it profitable quickly.

As I learned in college and it applies very well to this situation, it generally takes two years to turn your business profitable.

For this reason, I am still providing services to other successful internet marketers to pay my bills while I work on my websites that I hope will bring me 10-20k a month on autopilot by the time I’m 25. (that’s my goal at least)

Okay, now… I know what you are thinking.. What should I create?

Well my friend, only you can decide. Let me give you one HUGE tip though… only CREATE something that you ENJOY studying and learning about. For example, if you are a college football fanatic then you should think what the college sports industry on the internet needs.

Does it need a social network for people to chat on?

Does it need a medium for people to exchange sports tickets?

Does it need a website for people to post messages? (forum)

Does it need an information website on the latest college recruits?

Does it need a website showing every college sports team’s schedules?

Those are just a couple that I came up with literally in 20 seconds. It’s your duty to do the research and see if these types of websites already do exist and if they do, are they good?

If they are not through and good, then it’s your job to take their idea and make it BETTER. There is nothing wrong with taking one webmasters idea and improving on the idea. It’s your creativity and it’s not your problem that they did not make sure their service was the BEST.

Ever wonder why the most successful companies ALWAYS stay on top? Well, it’s because they spend a LOT of money to ensure their service or product is the best and no competitor can ever jump in front of them.

Now, if you find you can create a website that has never been created, then GREAT! You’ve found a golden opportunity and the potential is completely up to you.

No matter what type of website you create, if you can make it viral (everyone talks about it), then you will be able to monetize it (make money off of it). Do not worry about how you will make money.. that should be the least of your worries.

There are THOUSANDS of advertisement networks that will pay you TOP DOLLAR to show their ads on your website. Your main focus should be creating an awesome website that will leave the user itching to come back tomorrow.

Here are a couple of ideas I came up with for new businesses to create:

1. Niche social networks - Create a social network within a specific niche or group. For example, if you went to the University of Michigan then you could possible create a network like Myspace just for Michigan. You can get free software for creating social network - my two favorites is Dolphin and phpFox.

2. Niche forum - Create a forum where users of a specific niche can chat. Do you like to talk about dogs, soap operas, college teams, etc.. ? Well, make a forum about it! Get the word about by networking with other webmasters in your niche and using paid advertising. Forums can generate a lot of activity and best of all, a lot of traffic!

3. Local business directory - This one is my personal favorite because it’s almost guaranteed cash! Create a local business directory for your city. Go out and get restaurants, salons, tanning beds, etc. to sign up for $50 or less a month on your website. Tell them you will be advertising all over the Internet and locally. Buy fliers, signs, ANYTHING to get the word out about your website in your town. This method is GOLDEN if you have a good work ethic!

There are TONS of opportunities, you just have to research and use a little bit of creativity.

Listen guys, I’m a bit of a workaholic but besides running this blog I work on four businesses everyday that I hope will become large one day. Two of them look extremely promising and are already generating myself a considerable amount of income in just a few months of operations. It’s possible and I’m living proof of online success! Don’t fall into the traps and be smart! You can make it!

Send me any questions or feel free to comment.

I’ll be back tomorrow for my post on “free advertising techniques.”

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