How To Get Free Advertising

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the BetterLifetimes Blog! I hope you have enjoyed all my posts to this point. I hope you guys honestly will take action on my “How To Make Money Online” three part series.

My post today is on free advertising methods. Advertising is KING in business and you HAVE to use it. Big companies like Nike, Reebok, Ford, BMW, etc.. all have HUGE advertising teams that they devote MILLIONS of dollars to every year. They do this because they know the potential of advertising and what exactly it does for their business.

Think about it.. If nobody knows about your business, how the hell are you supposed to make sales? No matter if you are offering a service, product, membership, ANYTHING you need to advertise!

The best thing about FREE advertising methods is that MANY of them are better then paid advertising methods!

Don't believe me? Try for yourself. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Craigslist - THE KING of traffic!! Treat Craigslist good and it will treat you well. Make your advertisements short, sweet, and to the point. Do not SPAM craigslist. Do not post too many ads! If you do this they will ban your account... do this too many times and they will ban your IP!

2. USFreeAds- Just like Craigslist but not as much traffic. The problem with USFreeAds is they have run into a lot of problems with spammers. I use it today and get pretty good results from it, try it for yourself.

3. Message Boards - Find an active message board within your niche. Make worthwhile posts and get involved. After a while, add your product or service to your signature line. Gain a LOT of attention and get your website seen in EVERY post you make. This could be huge!! It works extremely well for me.

4. Article Marketing - My favorite thing to talk about!! Write good 350-500 word articles on your subject and submit to them as many directories as possible. If you can afford it, check out, they will distribute your article to 40,000 + directories for about $1.50

The best FREE directories on the internet are: - THE KING. The best DIRECTORY!

5. Youtube - Do I need to say more? Videos are hot!! Buy a cheap webcam and start cashing in! It's fun, it's easy, and visitors love it. I record one video everyday and I can honestly say I like to be in the spotlight. Try it out!! Lots of FREE traffic!

Okay guys, I'll be back tomorrow with my next topic! I hope you learned something new!

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  2. Gilbert Says:

    On your blog “How to Get Free Advertising” you listed five steps on the blog but mentioned six on the YouTube. Between steps four and five, you mentioned “Free Listing” which had some helpful info in it. I am both visual and audial and appreciate hearing and reading the blog.

    Thank you for taking the time to publish this blog and sharing your time with us. I have been trying to “cash in” to the Internet and make more money than I am currently. Your blog is most helpful. All the best. Gilbert

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