How To Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff

Hello everyone!

Today my lesson is “How To Make Moeny Giving Away Free Stuff”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret I’ve learned and been told OVER and OVER and OVER

People love FREE STUFF. People are literally psychologically attached to seeing the word FREE and something clicking. It’s hard to explain but its the best way to get somebodys attention.

On many of the e-products I sell today my main sales page GIVES AWAY a FREE REPORT.

Let’s say I wrote a 50 page book on “How To Make Money”

I’d draw the visitor in by saying “Sign up for my mailing list and get chapters 1-3 ABSOLUTELY FREE!”

I get the users e-mail address for further sales, I gain their trust, and they are happy. You ALWAYS need to be building an e-mail list in this business. My favorite e-mail list autoresponder service is . They are awesome and hold all four of my e-mail lists.

I’ll be back tomorrow to go more into detail on how to use this method but I just wanted to get some ideas going in your head before we go into the lesson tomorrow.

Sorry for the short post, but today has been a LONG day. E-mail any questions!


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