How To Make Money Online Using Affiliate Marketing

First off, I want to sincerely apologize for not making posts the last couple of days. As I’m sure many of you realize by now I’m a full time college student and full time internet marketer. I provide a lot of services to fellow internet marketers (mainly webdesign) and I had a guy that needed a project very quick. He paid very well for me to basically drop everything else I was doing to get his website up by Saturday. My blog and my friends suffered this weekend but I have to take these jobs when I get them.

Anyways, back to business all this week!

Okay… let’s go over what almost EVERYONE preaches online “Becoming an Affiliate Marketer”

First, let’s think. Do I think affiliate marketing is worth it?

Yes and No - Affiliate Marketing has been very good to me, but at the same time it’s been not so good to me. I believe it almost holds back a lot of new internet marketers and puts them in a comfort zone of not learning the neccessities to really become rich in this business (product creation, web design, advanced marketing) Instead, all an affiliate marketer has to do is solely work on promoting the product through various methods. The affiliate marketer is only rewarded with an average of 50% of any sales he or she makes.

If you are new to Internet Marketing, I highly suggest Affiliate Marketing to get a grasp on the business. After that, you really do need to learn new methods to make money online.

To become an affiliate marketer you are going to need to sign up with the largest marketplace,

Only promote products that have high gravity and are in hot niches. Don’t take gambles until you understand how it all works.

I highly recommend using free methods of advertising the affiliate offer such as article marketing, squidoo lens, blogs, forums, etc.

PPC is highly overrated in affiliate marketing and in my opinion is impossible to be profitable over the long haul due to you not keeping 100% of the sale.

To be completely honest, I only dabbed around in affiliate marketing for a couple of months and made around $3000 the whole time doing it. I just wasn’t motivated to promote someone elses product everyday, but hey, that’s the entrepreneur inside of me.

I’ll be back tomorrow guys to talk about “How To Make Money Online Creating Your Own Product”

Thanks for being patient with me :)

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