How To Make Money Creating Your Own Product (EBook)

Alright, this should be your ultimate goal in Internet Marketing, CREATING YOUR OWN PRODUCT!

That’s right. Yours! Nobody elses! You create it from scratch and you sell it for whatever you want.

Even better, you keep ALL the profits.

It’s not easy to create your own product and for that reason is why there are so many affiliate marketers out there.

Let’s go over the three main aspects of creating your product.

1. Niche Selection

2. EBook Content , Minisite, Salespage

3. Marketing

Before you begin, you REALLY need to research your niche. I like to use this handy keyword tracker

If there are a good bit of searches done for what I call “selling keywords” then chances are you are in a good niche. Another good indicator is if there are people paying for advertisements (Adwords)

If you search one of your niche’s keywords and you see people selling similar products to what you are planning to sell, then you are in great shape to start product creation.

Okay, on to creating the sales page, minisite, and ebook. You might need to hire a designer to do the minisite. You can find them anywhere - digital point forum and to name a few. It takes practice to write a good sales page so I recommend looking at a lot of different sales pages and get a hang for how they write them.

You have to be sure the ebook is comprehensive, original, and fully explains your topic.

If you write a crappy ebook all you are going to have is returns, which is NOT good.

Okay, finally, MARKETING!

Without marketing, you will make no money and that my friend is sad.

You need to have a plan for paid advertisements, SEO, article marketing, link building, EVERYTHING!

Think outside the box. Test with small budgets for paid advertising and write a LOT of articles.

Use all the free advertising techniques I have taught and really just keep at it.

That’s it for today guys. Be back tomorrow

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