Article Writing

Hello guys,

Today we are going to be going over how important article writing is.  Effective articles will account for at least 40% of your overall sales from various sources so knowing how to write an effective article will be crucial to your success.  Let’s assume you have already found your niche and already built your sales page and have your final product to market and sell.  If you have these 3 components you are ready to begin writing effective articles.

Now what exactly do these articles need to include? 

When you write articles you need to have plenty of knowledge in the field you are writing about.  Every article you write will be informative with lots of embedded keywords.  We will talk about keywords in just a second.  At the minimum every article needs to be 500+ words and INFORMATIVE.  I can’t stress how important being INFORMATIVE is.  In any article you write, you cannot promote a product in your article or it will be rejected by the article directories.   The reason why they need to be 500+ words is because will not accept anything less. is going to be your money maker.  For $1, or a cheese burger at McDonald’s, you’re ONE ARTICLE will be submitted to over 400 article directories causing so much content to be published on the net.

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