Phishing-Avoid Being a Victim

Good morning guys,

Today we are going to talk about phishing, defining exactly what it means, and how to avoid being a victim. Phishing is basically a scam of sending out a false email in order to draw a recipient to a link where they want you to respond with confidential or financial information.  You’ve most likely have gotten plenty of these in your email without you knowing it.  It usually pretends to come from a well known financial institution or a well known company such as ebay.  It will say something like “someone has changed your password and your account will be terminated if you don’t confirm your details, please click on the link and confirm your details.”  If you actually click on the link you will be taken to a fake website where they require you to put in your personal information or banking information which will be used to steal your credit card or social security number to open fake credit cards or to steal your identity.  How do you avoid phishing?  For starters, NEVER respond to an email that comes from your bank.  It doesn’t matter how genuine it looks.  Financial institutions are well aware of phishing and usually don’t send out this type of emails.  When in doubt, pick up the phone and actually call your bank.  Finally, do not give to much personal information on any website.  Make sure the website has a protected padlock logo in the bottom of the browser to let you know this site is safe.

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