Help Your Business Succeed-Get Organized!

Good morning guys, Let me first start off by saying if many people “got organized”, everyday tasks would seem seamless instead of being extremely burdensome. The simplest things can help your business grow without you knowing it. You will be able to easily find what you are looking for, get more done, and jump start your business just by being more organized. Just where do you exactly start?

The first thing you must do is define your problem before you can solve it. It involves more than just saying “it is messy” you must REALLY thing about what exactly is messy.

You may want to get out a quick piece of paper and joint down your problems for example:

Way to many papers in my office

No space to even put down my belongings when I first walk into my house

I never am able to find the tools I need to get the job done. I know I have them I just can’t ever find them.

Be very specific when you are defining your problems.

The next thing you need to do is write down goals on how you are going to accomplish your unorganized problems. These goals should be in the form of SMART goals so you can measure them. SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and have a Timeline. Let me give you a real life example. You quit your day job to pursue internet marketing and our turning a room into an office. You need to do the following: pay for expenses, write and send emails, sort out taxes, send letters, etc. this is a vital step that will guide you to the next steps of setting up that new well-organized room in your house.

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