Products-How to Promote Through eBay

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Do you know that eBay has been an outstanding resource for hungry entrepreneurs to make lots of money right in the comfort of their own home? eBay has exploded through the recent years and you need to jump on the bandwagon!

Use eBay to Promote Products

1. Promote to Your Auction Buyers

If you already have a record of people who have formerly purchased from you, you can use this list and find products to sell them. If the previous sale that you have had with each customer was successful, the customer will more than likely buy from you again.

For new sales that you may make through your auctions, you can email your customers with information concerning their purchase, and add an advice message asking them to check out this product that may be helpful to them.  Do not pester your customers though, just 1 email and your done.

2. The About Me Page

The About Me Page in eBay is where most sellers will portray themselves and write some of their listings and feedback.  Make sure your page is pointing to a relevant clickbank product pertaining to what you are selling on eBay. 

I hope this information has been helpful to you and will increase your affiliate marketing and eBay sales!


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