Internet Marketing Course-Viral Marketing 101

Good morning everyone,

Did you know viral marketing is a very influential way to promote your online business?  It is like having a crew of full time workers working for you.  Your new product will constantly be promoted and you can sit back and relax and watch the sales roll in.

Below are some viral marketing ideas that will help your business explode:

1.     Create a Product that Other People Can Easily Brand

Create a product and allow all affiliate marketers the ability to put their affiliate links inside.  This is makes for a good reason for affiliate marketers to spread your product.  It’s a win win for both parties involved.  You get free advertising and money, they get money!

2.     Make a Video

Make a video that promotes your product and will sell well when others see it.  Give affiliates the html coding to be able to put on their website.

3.     Offer a Contest

Tell all your visitors that the affiliate marketer who gets the most sales will get a cash prize, free product, or anything else you can think of that everyone would want.  Give people a reason to start promoting your product.  Offering 65% or better affiliate marketing commission on all sales works well too!

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