2 Easy Steps to Create a Top Selling Product

Good morning guys,

Creating a product can be time consuming, challenging, and uneventful if it doesn’t sell.  I have used these 2 steps below countless times and it truly works.Let’s get started making a product!

1. Setup a Squeeze Page

The first step is to setup a squeeze page where it asks the reader, “What is your most vital question about X product”, where X = your niche product . Example- If you are in the internet marketing business, you might ask your audience “What is the hardest part about learning internet marketing?”Let people know you’re putting the last touches on a new product and as a reward for them to complete your survey; you will give them a free copy of X product once completely finished.

Please make sure your auto responder has the following information:

Person’s name:
Email address:
Answer to vital question: (This field will change per project)

2. Create Product

Based on the information you received in the survey, you will be able to create your product.  You have valuable information straight from the source to use!  Not only that, it didn’t cost you anything but giving away a few free products.

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