Craigslist-Gain Free Website Traffic!

Good morning guys,

Craigslist is an incredible way to get Free website traffic to your website. All internet marketers should love Craigslist, since you get FREE traffic without spending any money.

So, how does provide free website traffic for Internet marketers? The answer can be said in two words: classified ads. These are just like the ads you would find in the newspaper except they are COMPLETELY FREE.

Even though Craigslist is completely free, you must post ads for categories that are relevant to your site. Whatever you do, don’t post the same ad in multiple cities, since that goes against’s rules and will get flagged and your account possibly banned. Instead, post your ad on a city that gets a ton of traffic, such as San Francisco, New York or Washington D.C.

By posting one or two ads on, you will become more noticeable by search engine bots, which may increase your overall search engine ranking.

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