Work At Home : Top Mistakes

Good afternoon guys,


Here are the top mistakes people make when choosing to work at home:


Mistake #1-Time Management


When finally landing a work from home job and working for yourself, most people make the mistake that they can get up anytime they want and work anytime they want. BIG MISTAKE. You need to make a STRICT schedule and stick to it. For example, I am going to work 7-4pm (Monday-Friday) NO EXCEPTIONS. If you think you can work anytime you want you are setting yourself up for failure. Eventually you will get lazy and possibly fail unless you force yourself to have a strict schedule.


Mistake #2-Relying On Only 1 Product To Make You Money


Many people working from home making a stable income with affiliate marketing or product creation think relying on 1 product can get you by. BIG MISTAKE. Relying on 1 product to make you money will never get you by. I suggest having 10 or more sources of income flowing in from multiple sites!


Mistake #3-Ineffective Research


Many people make the mistake of creating ineffective products due to not enough research. Spend the TIME researching your niche, finding one guaranteed to sell. Any work at home business will require you to have products or affiliate products that truly sell.

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