Resource Box Writing 101

Article writing is one of the best free sources of traffic out there.  You can have the best article in the world, but if your resource box is horrible it will greatly affect the amount of people that come visit your website through your article.  Now here are some important factors in writing an effective resource box.


  • Your Name: Please include your name in the RESOURCE BOX. Your name and optional title should be the first thing in your resource box.  I can’t tell you how many people forget to include this!

  • Your Website Address: This must be in correct URL format. Example:

  • Your Pitch: This is 1 to 3 sentences where you offer your unique product.

  • Your Call To Action: You’ve got them warmed up and now it’s time to lead them to BUY from you or visit your website. Please GIVE ONLY ONE specific call to action not multiple.  A free report or ecourse works well here.

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