Stress Reducer Tools!

Good morning guys,


Working long hours, thinking of new ideas, executing those ideas, not making enough money, family problems, etc. can cause lots of stress.  It is very important to find something that helps alleviate this stress and clear your head.  For example, I use deep belly breathing.  You need to take a really deep breath in through your nose, expanding your stomach out all the way and then breathe it all out as slow as possible through your mouth, it can really help lower your heart rate and calm you down. It should take your mind off whatever you’re stressed about too because you have to focus on breathing properly. Try doing it 10 times in a row and then see how you feel when you are stressed out.  There are so many stress relieving ways out there such as listening to music, working out, walking, etc… you just need to find one that works for you.  Once you clear your head you will be able to function and produce better results when working!

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