Cash Gifting-Avoid at All Costs!

Cash Gifting has been around for many many years.  Cash Gifting is a money making opportunity that allows people to THINK they can make an unlimited amount of money. There are no products involved with a cash gifting program, but there are a lot of different companies that offer the opportunity, so be careful. The way the Cash gifting program works is, you can start out at 3 different levels, the $500 level, $1000 level, $2000 level, or you can give the max which is a total of the levels for $3500. After choosing the level you want to start at, and sending your payment to your “sponsor”, you have to qualify in order to start making money yourself. You qualify by recruiting your first person into the program. That person gives their payment to your sponsor, and then anyone else that you bring into the program will pay you. Now, the amount you are paid depends on the level you start at, for example if you start at the $500 level, you can only receive $500 from each person you bring into the program.


The reason why you should stay away from cash gifting is the following:


  1. You will need to know how to market well to make any money in this industry


  1. No proof of making money online!  Most cash gifting companies show you no proof of how the actual program works.


  1. Most cash gifting companies will get you started and then completely abandon you; leaving you high and dry out of your initial investment. 


Cash gifting is just another online marketing scheme that you should avoid at all costs!

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