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How to Make Money With Ebay Classified Ads

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding fields for anyone trying to make an income online. You never have to talk to customers, you have no inventory, and best of all you can work from home and make some great money at it to boot! However, many affiliate marketers struggle with getting a great amount of traffic to their websites because they are puzzled on how to properly market the products they are promoting.

What’s the easiest solution?

The simple solution is to market your affiliate products on eBay. This is an amazing money making idea! The only problem is that if you are selling digital items such as eBooks then you cannot sell these via the usual auction method on eBay. Here is where the eBay classified ad resolution takes place. You can pay just $9.95 for a 30 day classified ad on one of the most highly traffic websites online! This is well worth the price because your auction will be seen by thousands of visitors! Just 1 sale will pay for the cost!

So as you can see eBay classified ads is a great way to promote affiliate products, it involves no work on your part past setting up your ad on eBay which can be done in just a minute or 2. If you have never tried this, you definitely need to look into it! Products-How to Promote Through eBay

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

 Good morning guys,

Do you know that eBay has been an outstanding resource for hungry entrepreneurs to make lots of money right in the comfort of their own home? eBay has exploded through the recent years and you need to jump on the bandwagon!

Use eBay to Promote Products

1. Promote to Your Auction Buyers

If you already have a record of people who have formerly purchased from you, you can use this list and find products to sell them. If the previous sale that you have had with each customer was successful, the customer will more than likely buy from you again.

For new sales that you may make through your auctions, you can email your customers with information concerning their purchase, and add an advice message asking them to check out this product that may be helpful to them.  Do not pester your customers though, just 1 email and your done.

2. The About Me Page

The About Me Page in eBay is where most sellers will portray themselves and write some of their listings and feedback.  Make sure your page is pointing to a relevant clickbank product pertaining to what you are selling on eBay. 

I hope this information has been helpful to you and will increase your affiliate marketing and eBay sales!


How To Make Money On eBay

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Making money on e-bay is really simple!

Ordinary people are making $10,000 a month or more on e-bay using a SIMPLE method.

First, you need to think of a market that people NEED. For example , right now the iPhones are HOT. What do people need for iPhones? Cases, Charges, Headsets, Headphones, etc.. This type of stuff can be bought overseas from legitimate sources VERY CHEAP and sold for nice profits on eBay.

Here is how you can make a lot of money on eBay:

1. Find a hot ticket item that is selling well in the USA right now (iPhones, nice digital cameras, any NICE electronic)

2. Find wholesale accessories for the item by searching , the worlds largest supplier directory

NOTE: Only buy from verified gold suppliers.. there are a lot of scam artists on Alibaba, but if you stick to the gold supplier you will be okay!

3. Develop a good reputation on eBay

4. Create an effective auction listing and price yourself lower then your competitors

5. Tune your auction based on your results

6. Expand the business to other areas using Alibaba

7. Sit back and collect the cash!

It’s really that easy guys. Those 7 steps WILL make you money if you take the time and initiative to set the business up.

I’m going to Tunica this weekend to check out the world series of poker. I’ll try to make a post in the next day or so before I leave, but I’ll be gone for the weekend. I hope to have plenty of questions and comments when I get back!


How To Make Money Online Using Craigslist And Ebay

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Hello everyone!

What a day! As many of you know I’m in college and today was my first day back. I can already tell this semester is going to be full of sleepless nights followed by pots and pots of coffee. My situation is kind of unique because I honestly know what I want to do with my life. I have my internet marketing career planned out for the next decade.

I’m finishing college for three reasons:

1. To please my family - they’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars for me to go to college

2. When I’m older I want to be able to say I graduated college

3. I only have two years left

Unless the internet goes extinct in the next fifty years I can honestly say my degree is going be collecting a lot of dust. Oh well!

Okay, on to my latest method on “How To Make Money Online”

This method involves using Craigslist and EBay. I actually came up with this method when I was 17 years old REALLY needing to make a quick $100-$200. It’s easy and just takes a bit of work. I’ve recieved a couple of e-mails needing to make quick money online and this is honestly the quickest way I could come up with.

Okay, here is the method.

Everyday in YOUR city, THOUSANDS of valuable items are listed on Craigslist. The sellers are EAGER to sell the items and many times have NO idea what the worth of their item is.

YOUR JOB is to find good deals on Craigslist and then caller the seller.

Probably 60-70% of the time you can negotiate with the seller to LOWER the price by 25% or more. The LISTED price means nothing!! Craigslist sellers are generally the most desperate and listed their item on CL because they wanted CASH TODAY. If you don’t mind traveling to meet up with sellers and wheeling and dealing you can make some serious cash doing what I call Craiglist/Ebay Arbitrage.

How do you find out if its worth to sell on ebay?

Simply create an ebay account and do an ADVANCED SEARCH for your item and click “Completed Auctions”

BAM! You can see every price for your item the auction has closed at.

Generally I look for electronic items on Craigslist because those are the most sought after on EBay.

Do not be afraid to negotiate on the phone!! I’ve saved THOUSANDS. I’ll usually say something like

“I can pick up the item in an hour CASH if you can sell it to me for $XX.XX”

They will either counter offer or say SURE!

It’s easy guys.. It takes work but its GUARANTEED!

Build your EBAY rep to gain more and more bidders for your items.

One word of caution.. be a bit careful dealing with Craigslist sellers. There have beeen people set up to be robbed before so I HIGHLY suggest meeting the person in a public area such as a McDonalds or a mall etc.. I NEVER go to the persons house..

Also be sure to look the item completely over before buying.

That’s it guys! I’ll be back tomorrow with another way to make quick, fast, and guaranteed cash online.