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How to Make Money Using Facebook Ads

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Advertising on Facebook is one of the BEST ways to make TONS of money selling your products or even the products of others.  On Facebook you can decide the exact audience you are looking to target. Facebook will ask you a series of questions about the uniqueness of the persons you are trying to advertise to. This includes your group’s age, sex, gender, location, etc. based on when a Facebook user uses specific keywords in their profile. Facebook will then analyze how many people fit your specific criteria.  Marketers can decide whether to run ads continuously or only during a certain times and you will ONLY be charged (small amount) when someone clicks on your ad.

Facebook can be tremendously effective because the website allows advertisers to target their market based on age, sex and by keywords. When a person see’s your ad on Facebook, you know they already have some interest in what you are selling based on their profile information!   This leads to Tons and Tons of sales!  Facebook is definitely one of the best places to put your business advertisements!