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Make Quick Cash Online - $350 A Day - PROOF!

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Making quick cash online can be difficult, especially if you have no direction and no idea where to start.  One of the best ways to make quick cash online ($350 a day or more!) is by simply knowing which products to market online.  Some of the best products to market online are weight loss, acne, makeup, etc.


These products are simple to sell since all the work is already done for you.  All you will have to do is drive potential customers to these sites, sit back, and let the money roll in.  This is simply affiliate marketing and you can earn a killing in this industry!  One of the best ways to market any affiliate marketing product is to create a review site which reviews these products.  You want to rate your highest commission based product as the best buy!  Once your review site is up and running, article marketing is one of the cheapest ways to drive thousands of visitors to your review site.  If your looking to make a quick $350.00 a day, this is by far one of the easiest and best ways to do it!  I wish you the best of luck.

Make Money Online - $400 A Day Very Easily!

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

So how exactly do you make $400.00 a day very easily?  One of the BEST ways to make $400.00 a day very easily is marketing your knowledge and services to offline businesses in your area.  Another way to say it is being a “business consultant”.  You can create a sales letter offering your services such as SEO, website building, driving customer’s to their website, traffic generation, autoresponder maintenance, and list building and MAIL them to local businesses.  By mailing a document with your offers to these businesses, you won’t have to travel around looking for work.  A great way to market your offline business is local classified ads, craigslist, and sending out offer letters. 


Many companies are willing to pay LOTS of money to help increase their overall sales.  Most companies have no idea about email marketing, traffic generation, etc.  Your job would be simply consulting these companies and helping them grow into a profitable company.  By doing this you can have a nice $400.00 extra in your pocket today, EASILY!

Make Money Online - Can You Really Do It?

Monday, January 19th, 2009

It doesn’t take rocket science to learn how to make money online!  It is extremely simple, even a caveman can do it! haha

The answer to the question is, YES!  You can really MAKE LOTS of money online!

Well how exactly do you do this?

Very simple.

1. Set up a Blog or Website for Profit

One of the best ways to make money online is to create a website or blog which allows you to earn money from the use of advertisements or the sale of products and services on the website or blog itself!

There are many different types of money making blogs which will help you to make money out there!  You will need to find one that best suites your interests!

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a specific product or service and earning commissions whenever the referred user makes a purchase.  Affiliate marketing is a large and profitable industry.  If you have an interest in cooking for example, you can make money promoting cook books or even cooking classes!  The amount of money you make depends on what you are selling. If carried out correctly, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online! Check out for the best digital products!

3. Create Your Own Product and Sell it

Writing and publishing your own eBook is one of the best ways to make money online.  It is simple to do and best of all when a customer buys your product it is a digital download.  That means NO MONEY FOR SHIPPING AND NO MATERIAL COSTS!  You absolutely can’t go wrong developing an eBook and selling it!

Dropshipping-Learn How to Become Rich Today!

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

With many looking for ways to make some extra cash this holiday season, using drop shipping wholesalers to earn profit is readily available. Let’s get into the details of dropshipping.

What is dropshipping and How Can I Get Started?

Dropshipping will let you sell your products either on your own site or on auction sites like eBay without having to deal with any physical stock or inventory as the wholesaler will deliver the goods directly to your customers. You will NOT have the hassle dealing with customers and the start up costs are extremely low.

You can successfully get started with as little as $50 based on the fact that you don’t start with expensive electrical equipment. Although you can start small you shouldn’t think small as you will find that prices drop when you buy in bulk so your ultimate aim should be that you can build up your business to the point where you can buy in bulk and increase your profit margins. I wish you the best of luck!

Work At Home : Top Mistakes

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Good afternoon guys,


Here are the top mistakes people make when choosing to work at home:


Mistake #1-Time Management


When finally landing a work from home job and working for yourself, most people make the mistake that they can get up anytime they want and work anytime they want. BIG MISTAKE. You need to make a STRICT schedule and stick to it. For example, I am going to work 7-4pm (Monday-Friday) NO EXCEPTIONS. If you think you can work anytime you want you are setting yourself up for failure. Eventually you will get lazy and possibly fail unless you force yourself to have a strict schedule.


Mistake #2-Relying On Only 1 Product To Make You Money


Many people working from home making a stable income with affiliate marketing or product creation think relying on 1 product can get you by. BIG MISTAKE. Relying on 1 product to make you money will never get you by. I suggest having 10 or more sources of income flowing in from multiple sites!


Mistake #3-Ineffective Research


Many people make the mistake of creating ineffective products due to not enough research. Spend the TIME researching your niche, finding one guaranteed to sell. Any work at home business will require you to have products or affiliate products that truly sell.

Work at Home Opportunities-How to Maximize Your Profits for Flipping Websites

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Good afternoon ladies and gents,

I want to share with you some website flipping tactics that will maximize your profits!  First of all, website flipping can be an extremely profitable business if executed correctly. There are numerous amounts of critical factors that come into consideration when flipping a website. If you ignore the tips below it can be devastating to your profits, so please listen up closely!

Tip #1: Research and Find a Profitable Niche

It is essential that when flipping your website, that there is a good chance it will profit and grow. Most people will only buy websites in hot and high selling niches.  Spend a good amount of time on Clickbank trying to find this niche.

Tip #2: Traffic Flow

Never sell a website if it is getting NO traffic!  Make sure your website is getting excellent traffic before you even attempt to sell it.  This is an important factor to the amount of money you can receive for selling the site.

Tip #3: Get Sales!

Potential customers would rather purchase a website when the sales are skyrocketing instead of when it is decreasing. Flipping sites is done so quickly that this should not be a factor or problem you will face.   If your site is already generating sales, well you can add some hefty money to the selling power of your site!

Tip #4: List Your Site for Sale in Detail

Present your site in detail when selling it.  Put as much information as you can with as many visual images as possible.  Put on your potential customer’s shoes and pretend you are them.  Answer any questions they may have when listing your site before they have a chance to ask them!

“If You Build It They Will Come”-Get Sales From Your E-mail List

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Good morning guys, 

Today’s lesson will be on teaching you the value of an e-mail list and the title says it all “If you build it they will come”.  If you build your e-mail list, especially if it is properly managed, it can be a powerful advertising tool for your niche audience.  When you build your website, your goal is to get returning customers.  On average it takes 4-8 visits from a single customer to get a sale.  If the customer only comes to your site 1 time, more than likely they won’t buy!  The key is getting this customer’s email address by offering a sign up for a free newsletter and free tips on your niche.  After you get these sign ups, you need to every so often contact your people with news and tips that are specific to the niche you are trying to sell to.  People want to know what happens when they sign up for your emailing list, and if you promise free tips and a free newsletter you need to deliver and keep your promise.

The best site for building your e-mail list is Aweber.  It is only $20.00 a month, and it will be the best $20.00 you can ever SPEND.  It is so easy to use and only takes about 5-10 minutes to fully understand.  If you decide to go any other route you may pay the consequences as people may report you for spam, etc…  If you stick to your niche, let’s say it is forex trading, and you talk about politics, squidoo lenses, childcare, etc… you may be busted for spam.  When you develop these email lists, you need to stick to the niche that your customer signed up for, and that’s it.  With an e-mail list not only will you get many return visitors, it will lead to abundant amount of sales.

How to Make Easy Money Online

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Good afternoon guys,

If you want to stay at home and make effortless online money, there are a few steps you must take first. You need to find a great affiliate product on or to sell. This product needs to be simple to do, and offer you excellent commission. It also provides an opportunity for your potential customer to make commission also. Now, the second factor you need to consider is finding something that solves a problem? People have many problems, no money, no time, etc… a product that solves their problems will be huge to them and lead you to an easy sale.

The third step is finding a niche that has little to no competition. You do not want to enter into a large competitive market when you are just starting out. You could be setting yourself up for failure, and if you fail you could easily get discouraged and give up your internet marketing career.

The fourth step is that you need to be well educated on the product you are marketing for and be able to answer any questions the customer may have. Knowledge is power and if you possess knowledge you will have the power necessary to drive in sales.

The fifth step is just following steps 1-4 to a tee. If you want to have more time with your family and quit working your 9-5 day job, you need to follow these steps exactly. This is something you must do over and over again with any new product accurately and carefully. Honesty is your best policy. Being honest to your customer’s and helping them goes a long way in any business. Repeat customers are the key to any businesses success. If you are honest, friendly, and willing to help you increase your chances of becoming successful.

How To Make Money On eBay

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Making money on e-bay is really simple!

Ordinary people are making $10,000 a month or more on e-bay using a SIMPLE method.

First, you need to think of a market that people NEED. For example , right now the iPhones are HOT. What do people need for iPhones? Cases, Charges, Headsets, Headphones, etc.. This type of stuff can be bought overseas from legitimate sources VERY CHEAP and sold for nice profits on eBay.

Here is how you can make a lot of money on eBay:

1. Find a hot ticket item that is selling well in the USA right now (iPhones, nice digital cameras, any NICE electronic)

2. Find wholesale accessories for the item by searching , the worlds largest supplier directory

NOTE: Only buy from verified gold suppliers.. there are a lot of scam artists on Alibaba, but if you stick to the gold supplier you will be okay!

3. Develop a good reputation on eBay

4. Create an effective auction listing and price yourself lower then your competitors

5. Tune your auction based on your results

6. Expand the business to other areas using Alibaba

7. Sit back and collect the cash!

It’s really that easy guys. Those 7 steps WILL make you money if you take the time and initiative to set the business up.

I’m going to Tunica this weekend to check out the world series of poker. I’ll try to make a post in the next day or so before I leave, but I’ll be gone for the weekend. I hope to have plenty of questions and comments when I get back!


How To Make Money Creating Your Own Product (EBook)

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Alright, this should be your ultimate goal in Internet Marketing, CREATING YOUR OWN PRODUCT!

That’s right. Yours! Nobody elses! You create it from scratch and you sell it for whatever you want.

Even better, you keep ALL the profits.

It’s not easy to create your own product and for that reason is why there are so many affiliate marketers out there.

Let’s go over the three main aspects of creating your product.

1. Niche Selection

2. EBook Content , Minisite, Salespage

3. Marketing

Before you begin, you REALLY need to research your niche. I like to use this handy keyword tracker

If there are a good bit of searches done for what I call “selling keywords” then chances are you are in a good niche. Another good indicator is if there are people paying for advertisements (Adwords)

If you search one of your niche’s keywords and you see people selling similar products to what you are planning to sell, then you are in great shape to start product creation.

Okay, on to creating the sales page, minisite, and ebook. You might need to hire a designer to do the minisite. You can find them anywhere - digital point forum and to name a few. It takes practice to write a good sales page so I recommend looking at a lot of different sales pages and get a hang for how they write them.

You have to be sure the ebook is comprehensive, original, and fully explains your topic.

If you write a crappy ebook all you are going to have is returns, which is NOT good.

Okay, finally, MARKETING!

Without marketing, you will make no money and that my friend is sad.

You need to have a plan for paid advertisements, SEO, article marketing, link building, EVERYTHING!

Think outside the box. Test with small budgets for paid advertising and write a LOT of articles.

Use all the free advertising techniques I have taught and really just keep at it.

That’s it for today guys. Be back tomorrow