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Internet Marketing Tips

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Good afternoon guys,

Here is a little food for thought today…

One of the most important aspects of being an internet marketer is identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone can be an expert in every subject, so you must identify where you lack, minimizing this area.  You also need to recognize where your strengths are and take advantage of them. By constantly identifying your weaknesses, you are able to improve on different areas.  It is hard for a person to admit their weaknesses, but if you are the ONLY ONE seeing this information than there is no reason why you can’t.  Once you identify all your weaknesses, you will know where you will have to spend the majority of your time improving.Strengths in others are very important when it comes to internet marketing.  Being able to identify your strengths, i.e. writing, sales pages, selling, etc… and taking advantages of these strengths will earn you lots of money.  If you are an excellent writer there are plenty of jobs out there on the internet.  Freelance work is a huge market with a huge growing need.  You need to maximize you strength potential in order to maximize your profits in the long run.  You need to slowly focus on improving all your weaknesses as you find time.  No one is perfect no matter what they say. 

Can you be successful at Internet Marketing without knowing HTML?”

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Hello guys,

The question every newbie to internet marketing wants to know “Can you be successful at Internet Marketing without knowing HTML?” The simple answer to this question is yes, and you have to do a few things to become successful. You will never be a successful internet marketer without a website. Not only do you need a website, it needs to look professional and easy to use. Don’t know how to build a website? No problem! If you are just starting your web escapade, look for a company that provides all the essential tools for your web-based business in one place. Most vital would be a simple to use website builder that would let you to build your site without having to learn HTML. Look for a site that makes professional looking sites quickly. Make the potential customer feel welcomed on your site. People do not like to spend money with someone that is not trustworthy. If they feel comfortable on your website, you can expect them to open their wallets and buy your products.

Are survey sites worth signing up for? Do they pay out good money?

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Hello Guys,

Many people always ask the questions Are survey sites worth signing up for? Do they pay out good money?” Well the answer is very simple, you can make money, but it’s very minimal and takes a lot of time… most of the time you cant make more then 50 dollars the whole time on any particular site. Many, if not most, paid survey offers do not deliver the money they guarantee. There are a number of ways that paid surveys mislead newbie’s. Many of them collect personal information about participants to advertise to marketers. Others require people to pay to access a catalog of survey opportunities that the participants could find on their own for absolutely no charge. Many of these paid survey scams sound like great deals, so good that a lot of times they are just scams. You need to use your best judgment and common sense. Don’t fall victim to this.

One of the main ways that paid survey scams create money is by selling the survey takers contact information to marketing firms. The marketing firms use that data to send unsolicited mail, emails, and phone calls to the survey participants. Now, you may earn a few bucks, but the unwanted emails will start flying in.

Survey catalogs can cost participants money. Many catalogs let people have access to lists of paid survey opportunities for a subscription fee. Once people have paid the fee, they find out that many of the surveys listed do not pay, and that nearly all of the listings are available elsewhere at no costs! Many of these offers seem genuine because they have fake testimonials from users. ALWAYS ALWAYS read the fine print.

The worst part of all, these surveys attach spyware and other harsh viruses to your computer. If you decide to go the paid survey route you better have some good anti-virus programs and spyware removal software.

How To Make Money On eBay

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Making money on e-bay is really simple!

Ordinary people are making $10,000 a month or more on e-bay using a SIMPLE method.

First, you need to think of a market that people NEED. For example , right now the iPhones are HOT. What do people need for iPhones? Cases, Charges, Headsets, Headphones, etc.. This type of stuff can be bought overseas from legitimate sources VERY CHEAP and sold for nice profits on eBay.

Here is how you can make a lot of money on eBay:

1. Find a hot ticket item that is selling well in the USA right now (iPhones, nice digital cameras, any NICE electronic)

2. Find wholesale accessories for the item by searching , the worlds largest supplier directory

NOTE: Only buy from verified gold suppliers.. there are a lot of scam artists on Alibaba, but if you stick to the gold supplier you will be okay!

3. Develop a good reputation on eBay

4. Create an effective auction listing and price yourself lower then your competitors

5. Tune your auction based on your results

6. Expand the business to other areas using Alibaba

7. Sit back and collect the cash!

It’s really that easy guys. Those 7 steps WILL make you money if you take the time and initiative to set the business up.

I’m going to Tunica this weekend to check out the world series of poker. I’ll try to make a post in the next day or so before I leave, but I’ll be gone for the weekend. I hope to have plenty of questions and comments when I get back!


How To Make Money Online Using Craigslist And Ebay

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Hello everyone!

What a day! As many of you know I’m in college and today was my first day back. I can already tell this semester is going to be full of sleepless nights followed by pots and pots of coffee. My situation is kind of unique because I honestly know what I want to do with my life. I have my internet marketing career planned out for the next decade.

I’m finishing college for three reasons:

1. To please my family - they’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars for me to go to college

2. When I’m older I want to be able to say I graduated college

3. I only have two years left

Unless the internet goes extinct in the next fifty years I can honestly say my degree is going be collecting a lot of dust. Oh well!

Okay, on to my latest method on “How To Make Money Online”

This method involves using Craigslist and EBay. I actually came up with this method when I was 17 years old REALLY needing to make a quick $100-$200. It’s easy and just takes a bit of work. I’ve recieved a couple of e-mails needing to make quick money online and this is honestly the quickest way I could come up with.

Okay, here is the method.

Everyday in YOUR city, THOUSANDS of valuable items are listed on Craigslist. The sellers are EAGER to sell the items and many times have NO idea what the worth of their item is.

YOUR JOB is to find good deals on Craigslist and then caller the seller.

Probably 60-70% of the time you can negotiate with the seller to LOWER the price by 25% or more. The LISTED price means nothing!! Craigslist sellers are generally the most desperate and listed their item on CL because they wanted CASH TODAY. If you don’t mind traveling to meet up with sellers and wheeling and dealing you can make some serious cash doing what I call Craiglist/Ebay Arbitrage.

How do you find out if its worth to sell on ebay?

Simply create an ebay account and do an ADVANCED SEARCH for your item and click “Completed Auctions”

BAM! You can see every price for your item the auction has closed at.

Generally I look for electronic items on Craigslist because those are the most sought after on EBay.

Do not be afraid to negotiate on the phone!! I’ve saved THOUSANDS. I’ll usually say something like

“I can pick up the item in an hour CASH if you can sell it to me for $XX.XX”

They will either counter offer or say SURE!

It’s easy guys.. It takes work but its GUARANTEED!

Build your EBAY rep to gain more and more bidders for your items.

One word of caution.. be a bit careful dealing with Craigslist sellers. There have beeen people set up to be robbed before so I HIGHLY suggest meeting the person in a public area such as a McDonalds or a mall etc.. I NEVER go to the persons house..

Also be sure to look the item completely over before buying.

That’s it guys! I’ll be back tomorrow with another way to make quick, fast, and guaranteed cash online.